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christina-wocintechchat-com-4PU-OC8sW98-unsplash_1.jpgThe SpitiWorld team believes that the true power behind a strong concept lays to its people; and this is why we prefer spreading the word about our network and collaboration through the correct professionals, who represent SpitiWorld and embody our network in a professional and positive manner: our SpitiWorld Ambassadors! The people who are in charge of this role give a voice and soul to the main principles of the SpitiWorld Network Project and display a vast understanding and support of our visions and future. 

Our Ambassadors, chosen carefully, are people who engage to tourism and have the appropriate "know-how" and professional attire to represent SpitiWorld worldwide. Not only are they represent our brand effectively, but also provide our brand accurate and trustworthy information and feedback given by the audience. The Ambassadors of SpitiWorld are committed to deliver our ideas and values, share our prespectives about world tourism and give all the requested information and help to those who wish to know more about us.

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